The Demise of Koken

TL;DR: You probably came here because you were looking for my photos. They now live at

Back in 2013 I discovered an awesome, photography-centered CMS called “Koken”.

It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for: sleek, minimal and a Lightroom plugin was available. So it has been running my personal photo site since then.

As of today, Koken seems to be abandoned. It was sold by the original owner a few years ago, and apparently the new owner lost interest quickly. Development halted somewhere back in 2017.

While it was still running fine until now, hosters are moving to newer PHP versions. And the last available Koken version doesn’t work with PHP 7.4 or 8.0 (although it looks like a community-made patch is available).

With no official support and a very uncertain future, I decided to move my Koken albums to a Hugo generated site (, at least for now.

Lucky for me, I wasn’t very prolific with my photography in recent years, so it was easy enough to recreate a whopping two photo galleries 😄